Update on Construction, Demolition and Houses

After our Master Use Plan was issued in early August, our Physical Space and Implementation Team (PSIT) learned that the City was supportive of our original plan to remove the three brick houses. Demolishing the houses was always our preference; it better aligns with UUC’s strategic direction and gives UUC the most freedom to decide what to do with the land in the future. It also is the cheapest of several alternative plans, including repurposing the basements for storage, which turned out to be prohibitively expensive. PSIT is submitting the necessary revisions to the permits for the houses for the City to review. Our plan is to grade and minimally landscape, and repave the driveway between the houses in its current footprint.

Over the past several months, the building team worked with the City to sign off on all required technical reviews, which allowed the construction permit for the church building to be issued on September 17. In the meantime, we continued to move forward with demolition preparation, including abatement of hazardous materials in both the church buildings and houses, and non-structural demolition (such as removing cabinetry, appliances, flooring, ductwork, light fixtures, and so on) that did not require permits. We are excited to have jumped the final hurdle on September 27 with the general contractor’s preconstruction meeting with City representatives and can now begin demolition in earnest. Demolition at the church site has started, first with selective demolition within Nathan Johnson Hall this week and then the complete removal of the south building next week.

-Physical Space and Implementation Team