One of the many opportunities that comes with owning buildings is needing help taking care of those buildings. The great people we hire for those jobs are our custodians! UUC has been blessed over the decades with many dedicated individuals who work tirelessly keeping the church clean, lit, warm, and welcoming. For quite a while, our team of Jorge Del Valle (weekend evenings), Alberto Sandoval (weekend days), and Luis Figueroa (weekdays) have been doing just that, week in and week out. UUC owes them a debt of gratitude for this essential support.

One of the challenges of a construction project is that during that time, we won’t be operating our own a building. Between leasing buildings with their own custodial staff and using member homes and other solutions for providing space for our worship and programming, we won’t have the same work available for our custodians. However, there is work to do. I thought I’d take a moment to describe how we’re employing our top-notch team during this year of transition.

Sunday mornings at Meadowbrook are going to be very busy and require “all hands on deck.” I’ve invited not only Alberto but both Jorge and Luis to join us each Sunday morning at 7:00 a.m. to bring the truck and trailer to the community center and be central figures in helping set up, maintain, and break down the chairs, equipment, materials, and other trappings of the road show. It will be very reassuring to have their presence each Sunday.

Aside from Sunday mornings, with no facilities to use or rent on Fridays and Saturdays, I’m offering both Jorge and Alberto the option either to have a break from both our work and their very demanding full-time weekday jobs, or to do some additional work for us or another UU church in the area for six to eight additional hours. As we all get a feel for how this year is going to work out, I’ll be keeping close touch with both Jorge and Alberto to ensure we are responding helpfully to their needs and experiences.

Luis has a brand new adventure ahead of him, while staying connected with UUC on Sundays. Working with BNBuilders, our general contractor for the church construction project, we have made an agreement to assign Luis to their construction superintendent on the work site to support the building project. He’ll be helping with site maintenance, subcontractor site orientation, materials deliveries, and more. It’s a great opportunity for him to learn new skills and work with the great team at BNBuilders. UUC will continue to pay Luis at his current rates and with the same benefits as his church staff position. We’ll also take a few hours of his time each week to help us take care of the temporary staff offices at 55th Street. He will be very busy, as will we all.

This is going to be an exciting and challenging year, and a big goal of this year of transition is to bring everyone along and bring everyone back to a new and renewed UUC in 2019! All our staff members are part of this effort to travel together on this journey. I am personally looking forward to everyone’s company along the way. Let’s go!


-Byron Krystad, Director of Operations