The Poor People’s Campaign: 40 Days of Moral Action

From Judith Wood

Cal and I spent Monday, May 14 in Olympia to help kick off 40 Days of Moral Action organized by the Poor People’s Campaign. The first week’s theme was “Somebody’s hurting my people: children, women, and people with disabilities in poverty.” We heard heart-wrenching testimonials, practiced nonviolent action, sang, marched, and supported those who committed civil disobedience by blocking traffic at several intersections. This video highlights the issues encompassed by this theme.

Unitarian Universalists were well represented, with clergy from Whidbey and Edmonds joined by church members from Port Townsend, Spokane, Edmonds, and our own UUC. Many faith communities were in attendance, along with labor unions, other community organizations, and unaffiliated individuals. No arrests were made.

This week’s focus was on “Systemic Racism and Poverty,” while next week’s efforts will hone in on “The War Economy: Militarism and the Proliferation of Gun Violence.” Each week includes actions in state capitols on Mondays, streaming teach-ins on Tuesdays, and streaming cultural content on Thursdays. You can find streaming content on-line when it’s available (click the menu link to “Actions” and then “Watch Live”). You can follow the campaign on Facebook, too.

I plan to go back to Olympia on June 11 and 18 for the final two weeks of actions. Please let me know if you’d like to join me!

Judith Wood

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