Connected in Spirit

Did you show up for a “Families Belong Together” event on June 30?

Whether you traveled with other UUC members to the SeaTac Federal Detention Center, found each other in the crowd, or went on your own to SeaTac or a different event, we were all connected in spirit. Compelled by our first principle or our own individual moral stance, we expressed our beliefs by our presence.

Actions such as this sometimes come together too quickly for us to put together an organized group. However, the Racial Justice Team invites us all to feel that sense of connection, to the UUC community, our spiritual roots, and religious foundations when we take to the streets. And for those who can’t show up for whatever reason, know that we are also doing it for you!

We’d love to see a photo and hear about your experience. Send short submissions to be added to the “Connected in Spirit” album on the UUC Facebook page to