UUC Online Auction is underway! Help support our Beloved Community!

  • The purpose of the auction is to provide some additional funds through a “special event”, as planned, in addition to member pledges, for UUC’s 2017-2018 budget; it is unrelated to the capital campaign for the building nor the regular pledge process (for 2018-19) which will be getting quite a bit of attention after the first of the year.
  • The auction has a dozen items on offer, primarily “getting away” opportunities, all donated by members and friends of our beloved community.


  • Because the items are larger, fewer, and higher-priced, we realize that there will be some members who feel that they cannot participate, though they might like to do so.  On Stewardship, and as a community overall, I know that we are sensitive to this fact, and are working to ensure that apart from this particular event, there will be many opportunities for all to participate in the life and sustenance of this church.  In addition, members/families can certainly talk among themselves about jointly purchasing items on offer in this auction.


  •  The link to the auction is just below, was included in Friday’s Gateway, and allows members to peruse items today.
  • Sunday the 3rd, between and after services, there will be a “kiosk” presence in NJ Hall, to raise awareness and answer member questions.

  • The auction will run through next Sunday, December the 10th, and then the winning bidders will be notified!
  • Since the auction is small-scale, payment will be handled by directing the winning bidders to the church office, as well as providing them with contact information for the donor of their item.

Follow the link above, enjoy the auction, thank our donors when you see them, and let me know if you have any questions!

Thank you!

Steve Carlson

Member of our beloved community

Chair, Stewardship Committee

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