Letter from Rev. Linda Kaufman upon retirement, June 2017

Rev Linda Pashby KaufmanMy heart is so filled with gratitude for the members and friends of University Unitarian Church, to my ministerial colleagues, Jon, Beth, and Deborah, to the support staff who have given me endless help through the years–and to all those dear ones now gone from us who gave of themselves that we may all have this beloved community of memory and hope in which to practice growing our souls. I was very touched by the lovely retirement ceremony Jon created Sunday! Thank you for the beautiful flowers that fill our home with the scent of lilies. I have been given so much support by others no matter what role I assumed here. Thank you to all.

My husband Bill and I look forward to our continued relationship with all as we enter the fullness of retirement. I encourage each person to test the limits of your dreams in the arms of this loving community. You never know where it will lead!

Thank you again for all the love you gave to me, which I in turn have tried to give to others.

Rev. Linda Kaufman, UUC Community Minister Emerita