Letter from Rev. Beth Chronister, April 2017

3 Responses

  1. Toni Long says:

    Both Jon’s and Beth’s word this morning were heart-felt and moving. Thank you both! What stayed with me most was the phrase “is your comfort more important than my pain?” And I will look for that James Baldwin book. He was a man with wisdom beyond his time. I am exploring this through Robin DiAngelo’s book What Does It Mean? Heavy stuff, but so necessary. Thank you both again!

  2. John P Webber says:

    Is UUC one of the participating congregations supporting UUBL’s fund raising for Mama’s Bail Out Day? I am asking about action by UUC church as an organization.


    • Janine Larsen says:

      Hi John – sorry it took so long to reply! UUC did not participate in this fundraising effort as a congregation this year.