Letter from Rev. Beth Chronister, April 2017

Our goal is to create a beloved community and this will require a qualitative change in our souls as well as a quantitative change in our lives.   ~ Dr. Martin Luther King

Rev Beth ChronisterAs Jon shared in his recent letter, UUC will be joining a call to action with hundreds of other UU congregations to dedicate our April 30 Sunday morning programming to opening our hearts and speaking truthfully together about the culture of white supremacy and privilege within our faith institutions. The initial call to action came from the Black Lives of UU organizing group (BLUU), a largely volunteer led organization comprised of Black UUs who are deeply committed to Unitarian Universalism being a tradition that lives more fully into its promises of inclusion, acceptance, justice and covenant. This call is not only a call to collectively redirect programming. It is an invitation to renew and re-energize the hard work of creating the Beloved Community as a religious commitment of our faith and as a spiritual practice of our communities.

The Beloved Community is an aspirational and evolving vision. The creation of the Beloved Community is not a given and it will not be born among us from continuing with the status quo which systematically privileges whiteness over and against all other races. Rather, the goal of creating the Beloved Community requires intentional work by those who share in the dream of making it manifest. Dr. King discussed the goal of creating the Beloved Community as being both quantitative and qualitative. Quantitatively, Unitarian Universalist institutions are being called to acknowledge and address the presence of white supremacy culture within our institutional practices, policies, and histories. Qualitatively, white UUs are being asked to leave the safety of known ways, to look within, and to listen deeply to the pain and frustrations being expressed by UUs of Color, so that we may begin to work together toward a vision of mutual liberation that starts in our own congregations. This is soul work and it is so very worthy of the faithful attention of our congregation. Please join in answering this call to renewing and re-energizing our commitment to creating the Beloved Community, on April 30 and beyond.

3 Responses

  1. Toni Long says:

    Both Jon’s and Beth’s word this morning were heart-felt and moving. Thank you both! What stayed with me most was the phrase “is your comfort more important than my pain?” And I will look for that James Baldwin book. He was a man with wisdom beyond his time. I am exploring this through Robin DiAngelo’s book What Does It Mean? Heavy stuff, but so necessary. Thank you both again!

  2. John P Webber says:

    Is UUC one of the participating congregations supporting UUBL’s fund raising for Mama’s Bail Out Day? I am asking about action by UUC church as an organization.


    • Janine Larsen says:

      Hi John – sorry it took so long to reply! UUC did not participate in this fundraising effort as a congregation this year.