Letter from Jon, June 2017

Rev. Jon M. LuopaDear Members and Friends:

Ministry has taken many forms at UUC over the years. In addition to the actively serving senior and additional ministers, we have often had retired ministers as members of the congregation. We currently have three such retired clergy in our midst, Dick Henry, Bruce Davis and Patrick O’Neill.

About forty years ago my predecessor, Peter Raible, imagined another kind of status. He called those UU ministers in our congregation who worked outside UUC in hospitals, prisons, legislative offices and in private therapeutic practice, for example, Ministers Associated. They were not employees of UUC but offered occasional services to UUC at the request of the senior minister in exchange for having a congregation which honored their community work. Today these ministers are called Community Ministers and we currently have two such ministers, Deborah Raible and Linda Kaufman. But that is about to change.

Rev Linda Pashby KaufmanLinda has now fully retired as a chaplain at Swedish Hospital in Seattle and has requested an appropriate change of status at UUC from active Community Minister to retired minister. We will acknowledge that change in our Sunday service on June 11.

When I arrived at UUC in 1999, Linda was on our staff at UUC serving as both Membership Director and Business Manager! She held many things together for us! Discerning a call to ministry she enrolled at the School for Theology and Ministry at Seattle University. After graduating, we ordained her to the Unitarian Universalist ministry on January 28, 2007. She worked as a hospital chaplain at Swedish and became one of our Community Ministers. She has been an exceptional colleague, unstinting in her support of me and of the beloved community we know as UUC.

She and her husband, Bill, will remain active members of our congregation. Let us hope that this new phase of her life rewards her and them with the time and space to explore hopes and dreams. Help me thank her for her tender and gracious ministry to all of us on June 11.



Rev. Jon M. Luopa