Believing in Order to See (Rev. Jon M. Luopa, April 16, 2017)

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  1. Lee Golden says:

    Thank you for your insightful sermon regarding Easter. I am led here today by a recent call from Google on my caller ID, which I thought may be Karoline, if you are familiar.

    I am familiar with Bono, and sometimes wonder if he has known the secret of the Weather, for whatever that is worth, (If the sky can crack / There must be some way back / To love and only love) –

    but I feel assured that without the missing pieces our lives will never be complete.

    I wish I could tell you the meaning of the streets with no name, or why Hendrix turned the streetlights blue tomorrow, but we can rest assured that our poets shared some singular knowledge forgotten by our modern time.

    I did not grow up in an ‘easy’ family and can easily trace my life’s failures to the moment I was pulled from the school musical by my mother, precipitating rather a failed life – but I feel deeply I yet have something left to give.

    There is a beautiful Universe, but it must be fought for, by tooth and nail, and not then by conventional force but rather by the warriors of the New Earth, yet here I fear I go too far in my analysis.

    I hope that we can still hold hope and love in our lives, that my life could answer its death with rebirth, that the world again might be anew, that belief could answer itself with the way of the Sage, being begotten again twixt the rivers of doubt and fear, a tributary trickling the remaining drops of life from its origin and hoping, hoping that yet there may be another riverbed not far from home which can quench its need to be heard, and answered, and loved, that in this time of charlatans the truth might be heard, softly whispered, shouted in joy, in some way or other lighting again the candle of faith that we might be consoled, and loved, and overjoyed in uncertain times. Is my fervent hope.