UU Wellspring Application Extended to June 30

A testimonial and invitation from Judy Hait, 2017 alumna of UU Wellspring:  “In this time of political tumult and deep unsettling, UU Wellspring provides a space to be with others — to slow down and be present to what is deeply important. Having this type of foundation is necessary to keep us grounded and non-reactive as we walk through the world right now. It is hard to not add to the negativity and fear. Wellspring can be a part of that firm foundation we all so desperately need to be able to show up with compassion and caring. Come. Join us.”

UU Wellspring is an intensive 10-month spiritual deepening program for experienced Unitarian Universalists, developed within the First Unitarian Church of Rochester, NY, and engaged at UUC by nearly 100 members and friends since 2010. UU Wellspring offers a spiritual journey dedicated to claiming, re-imagining, and practicing the ever-evolving living tradition of our faith.

We are looking to round out a cohort for UU Wellspring for the 2017/18 church year, and have extended the application deadline to June 30. For more information and to apply on line, see the UU Wellspring Program Information page on the UUC website, or contact Janine Larsen, UUC Director of Ministry.