2015 Church School Harvest Festival

On the cold, wet night of Saturday, November 14, families gathered in the warm, bright space of Nathan Johnson Hall to celebrate the changing seasons at UUC’s annual Church School Harvest Festival. Families created necklaces, scarecrows, and pinecone turkeys, shared warm tomato soup and chicken chowder expertly prepared by caterer extraordinaire Don Morgan, and enjoyed old-time music by Jerry Gallaher and his band. Children took turns pressing apples into sweet, delicious cider–it takes a lot of effort to turn the crank, but the result was so worth it! Many thanks to all of the phenomenal volunteers, families, and church school teachers who made the event a success!
Smiling child holding pinecone turkey    Pinecone turkey with bright feathers and googly eyes Child and adult working on a craft     Small child coloring a bright orange picture
Jerry Gallaher and his band     Line of people waiting to help with cider press