Social Justice » Social Justice Steering Committee

Our Social Justice Steering Committee plays an important role in fostering a supportive and fertile environment for social justice work at University Unitarian Church. It is accountable to the mission, vision and strategic goals of our church.

The committee listens to the congregation and discerning our calls to justice, sometimes helping to seed or catalyze new efforts when a call to action is emerging or urgent. It works to support social justice groups and leaders in their work, and serves as a sounding board an adviser to our Social Justice Coordinator.  The committee is responsible for establishing and overseeing the processes for the selection of Second Sunday Dedicated Plate Collections and Seeds of Justice grant recipients.

For 2015-2016, the Social Justice Steering Committee is:

  • Sarah Frederick
  • Sarah Parsons
  • Ben Pfeiffer
  • Jane Spalding
  • Mandy Varona
  • Betty Williams
  • Judith Wood