Racial Justice

As individuals of faith, we find meaning in learning more about systemic and persistent causes of racism and seek to understand our places in our racist society, both historically and in the present moment.

As a group, we are moved to bear witness in our community, to stand in solidarity with communities of color as they work for change, and to be anti-racist agents in our interactions with the people and institutions in our lives.

Our goals are fourfold:

  1. Educate UUC members, friends, and allies about racism and white privilege
  2. Recognize and act upon the intersectionality between race and other social justice issues.
  3. Support the local Black Lives Matter movement
  4. Respond rapidly to racial incidents or other events calling for our witness

We believe there is power in understanding the intersection between race and other social justice movements. We hope to explore and strengthen the connections between our anti-racism work and other social justice initiatives at UUC, including those addressing climate justice, the criminal injustice system, immigration, and equal rights for women and LGBTQ people. Members of our group are dedicated to the power of witness in demonstrating our connection to systems of racism and our concern for individuals and communities that are impacted by racism in action (policy brutality and killings, racial profiling, mass incarceration, economic discrimination, and more).

We take inspiration from the Black Lives Matter movement and the 2015 Action of Immediate Witness in support of that movement passed at the UUA General Assembly. We intend our education efforts to carry forward the work begun by the SoulWork Anti-racism Group, which was active in 2010-2014.

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