Racial & Gender Justice

We will focus on dismantling structures that perpetuate inequity based on race and gender.

Racism and gender bias alienate us from one another, perpetuate systemic inequities, and touch the well-being of all. Today, people of color are criminalized and dehumanized through racial profiling, unequal prosecution and sentencing, mass incarceration, exploitation of immigrants, and legalized discrimination against people with felony convictions. Disenfranchisement limits communities’ ability to challenge policies through political processes. Gender justice addresses inequities experienced by women, girls, and LGBTQ people, often in a racialized context. Equal rights in marriage and reproductive choice are longstanding Unitarian Universalist priorities.

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Multicultural Awareness and Competence as Spiritual Practice

Multicultural awareness, sensitivity and competence are nurtured as spiritual practice. That’s one of the outcome statements of UUC’s strategic plan. The Justice as Spiritual Practice strategic implementation team – Sheila Capestany, Bonnie McDaniel, Roberta Ray, Betty Williams, and Jennifer Bright – was charged with thinking about how UUC could implement that outcome. Why is this important? What do we mean by it? What would success look like? They came up with four aspirations and expectations.

  • For UUC to be a religious community where any person who shares Unitarian Universalist values and principles can feel their whole selves welcomed in an environment of spiritual wellness.
  • For UUC to be a place where people learn to be ever more open to the vast, rich diversity of human experience, as an expression of our UU values and as a form of spiritual growth and healing.
  • For UUC to be a community with an inclusive understanding of culture that includes not just racial and ethnic identity, but also class, gender, sexual orientation, ability and religion.
  • For UUC to be an institution that works effectively across cultural differences in our pursuit of a whole, healthy, just and compassionate world.