Dedicated Plate Collections

At UUC, we generally dedicate the plate collection on one Sunday of each month to a social justice cause or organization. Powerful Voices

In the six years since the Dedicated Plate Collection program began, our congregation has contributed over $160,000, in 40 separate plate collections, benefiting 22 different organizations.

Proposals for dedicated plate collections are welcome from any chartered group or committee at UUC, as well as church school classes.

Download the 2013-14 dedicated plate guidelines to learn more!

Who we’ve supported

​Recipient Organization

​Sponsoring Group


Brettler Family Place ​UUC Friends of Brettler Place ​December 2011 & 2012
Casa Latina ​REACH for Immigrant Justice ​December 2009
El Porvenir ​Friends of El Porvenir ​October 2009, 2010, 2011, March 2013, July/August 2014
First Place School ​4th & 5th Grade ​April 2011
Habitat for Humanity Part of UUC’s third Habitat build ​September 2008 & 2009
Hippo Water Roller Project ​Youth Social & Political Action Group ​February 2009
Mara Farm ​Green Sanctuary Committee ​July/August 2009
​Northwest Equity Consortium ​SoulWork Antiracism Group ​July 2013
Northwest Immigrant Rights Project ​REACH for Immigrant Justice ​January 2009 & 2012, February 2011 & 2013
Northwest Detention Center Roundtable REACH for Immigrant Justice March 2014
​Pakistan flooding relief, UU Service Committee and Mercy Corps ​Social Justice Steering Committee ​September 2010
Potlatch Fund ​Social Justice Steering Committee ​October 2012
​UUC Seeds of Justice Grant Fund (funding grants to Casa Latina, Powerful Voices, and Yesler Terrace Youth Media Program) ​Social Justice Steering Committee ​December 2010, July-August 2011, September 2011 & 2012
Sound Alliance ​In honor of Rev. Jon Luopa’s 10th anniversary ​March 2010
Special Olympics ​In honor of Rev. Alicia Grace’s 5th anniversary ​April 2009
SustainableWorks Social Justice Steering Committee February 2014
United Churches Emergency Fund ​Our annual Easter collection ​2009-2017
​UU Housing Group ​UU Housing Group ​January 2011
UU Service Committee Rights in Humanitarian Crises program ​Friends of UU Service Committee ​March 2009
​UUC Food and Hunger ministries Teen Feed, Youth Social & Political Action Group October 2009, February 2010 and December 2013
Vietnamese Friendship Association Social Justice Steering Committee September 2013