Would you like to find someone to share the trip to UUC? We have created a UUC network on Rideshare Online. If you post trips you will take, other people can find you to carpool, ride bikes together, or walk with you to reduce your footprint or increase your fun. If you don’t want to use the website yourself, you can always contact our UUC Rideshare Administrator Liz by email or at 515-450-0102.

Sign up online

1. Sign up for Rideshare Online and log in to your new account

2. Join the UUC Network

  • In the blue bar, hover over “Profile” and go to “My Networks”


  • Click on “Join Network” in the upper left


  • In the search field, type “Unitarian”


  • Select “University Unitarian Church” from the list of results
  • Select “I have an enrollment passcode from the network” and enter “uuc” in lower case

Joining the network allows UUC to track participation and better facilitate ridematches.

3. Set whether you want your contact info visible (Optional)

Your trips and contact info will only be visible to matches. If you want to suppress your contact info so that people can only contact you via the site, follow these steps.

  • In the blue bar, hover over “Profile” and go to “My Account”
  • Next to “Profile Setings” select to “Hide my contact information in the ridematch list”
4. Post your trips.
  • In the blue bar, hover over “Ridematch” and go to “Create a trip”.
  • Follow the steps to create a recurring or one-time trip.
  • If you have matches, they will display at the end of the process.