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Events in 2014 / 2015

  • On July 6th, 6-8pm in Nathan Johnson Hall, we hosted “Breaking Clean”.
  • Along with their two children, Daniel (age 13) and Alex (age 10), and with the support of Appalachian Voices(, the Mullins family, a fourth-generation coal-mining family from Central Appalachia, has embarked on an 8-week, 7000-mile tour ( to tell their personal story of coal’s negative impact on their lives and region.

    Co-sponsored by UUC’s Climate Action Team, Sustainable NE Seattle, and the Sierra Club. Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 4.26.33 PM

  • On May 31, we hosted a guest speaker Woody Wheeler at 1pm in Emerson. He spoke about birding, nature, and lifestyle choices and their relation to the environment:
  • On May 30, UUC hosted the UU Voices virtual conference at 9am. Climate Action will be a key topic.
  • On May 2, we hosted a Climate Action Breakfast.
  • In January we held Climate Action Week, with several events, speakers, etc.
  • If you missed Kathleen Dean Moore’s talk on Sunday evening, January 25th, it was filmed by Pirate TV Kathleen Moore & Rachelle McCabe: Variations on a Theme of Extinction
  • We are encouraging congregants to become aware of their Carbon Footprint by trying online calculators: a household calculator, an air travel calculator, and a planet requirement calculator. Please share your scores with Bill McPherson. Names will not be shared.
  • We recently established a network on Rideshare Online to enable people to share the ride to church. Learn more about ridesharing
  • We have joined Earth Ministry as a greening congregation.