Ongoing Classes and Groups


Given our current political situation, it has become more important than ever to gather to feel the strength of community and solidarity. Our first event on January 25, 2017, then called “Soup and Solidarity,” was evening of coming together to connect and feel our collective power, as well as to grieve and hold space for one another as we each discern how to engage these challenging times. Whatever is ahead, it is both vital and life giving to be in relationship with one another. We are called to be a community of solidarity — intentionally in relationship with one another and showing up in solidarity to our partners in the wider community, particularly those community members most vulnerable to the current administration. Having taken the summer off, we are beginning again.

Our first monthly gathering for this church year was Wednesday, October 25, 2017, from 6 – 8:30 PM in Nathan Johnson Hall.  Look for Sustenance and Solidarity on the fourth Wednesday of each month through May, 2018.

Watch the E-news or UUC Facebook page for each gathering’s program description. We will have speakers to help expand our awareness on some topics, focus on skill building or networking opportunities, and always offer time to recharge. Besides filling ourselves spiritually, we’ll also share a meal. UUC will provide a main dish. You’re invited to bring a side dish to share if you’re able. Do join us.



For anyone who is relatively new to UUC or just beginning to think about getting involved, please bring your questions and curiosity and join us for a one-hour UUC Information Session on the first Sunday of every month, downstairs in the Howe Room.

Fee:   None.  No need to sign up – just SHOW up!
Facilitator:  Carol Flannigan

  •  September through June – during the early worship service, 9:30–10:30 a.m. If you have children, feel free to put them in classes/childcare while attending the session, or bring them along. (Plan to stay for the second service!)
  • July and August  – to be announced



Exploring UU classes are held quarterly as part of the recommended steps along the path of discernment before committing to UUC membership. The course offers education about Unitarian Universalism and University Unitarian Church, encourages personal spiritual reflection around religious identity, and offers an opportunity to get to know others who are also exploring membership. Click here for more information.



UU Buddhist Fellowship lotus in rings snippedFridays 10 am -12 noon, in Knatvold. Come meditate with a group, learn about Zen Buddhism and enjoy fellowship while exploring a UU-friendly form of spiritual practice. Both beginners and experienced practitioners will find support here.

The first hour will focus on seated and walking meditation, with bit of Zen liturgy and ritual. The second hour will offer tea and discussion of the core teachings of Zen.

This group is suitable for drop-ins. Chairs will be provided; participants may bring their own cushions or benches if desired. For more information, please contact Janine Larsen, UUC Director of Ministries. 


The quarterly Intergenerational Women’s Breakfast are for all who identify as female. The Saturday morning gatherings offer a delicious meal, time to visit with one another, an engaging program, and small group discussion. Suitable for teens and up.

Watch the E-news and UUC Facebook page for upcoming dates and programs. Plan to pre-register for the Women’s Breakfasts so that we can plan for all. There is a $10-$15 fee to cover costs. You may register online via the UUC website, at the Connections table in Nathan Johnson Hall on Sundays, or by calling the church office (206-525-8400). Childcare is available if reserved through the church office at least one week in advance.

A more informal monthly breakfast group for women is also starting in Octmber, 2017.


Three times during the year we hold an intergenerational breakfast for all those who identify as male. We provide a hot breakfast and begin our programming with a larger-group get-acquainted activity period, followed by smaller break-out group discussions. This has become something of a tradition over the last four years, and the feedback that participants have provided has emphasized how much men particularly value the small discussion groups. Representative recent and upcoming topics include:

  • What Does it Mean to be a Man?
  • Experiencing Spirituality and Service
  • Compassion and Connection
  • Peak Experiences
  • Forming Friendships
  • How do you Identify Yourself Culturally, Ethnically, as a Member of a Larger Tradition?

Three Sessions:  Saturdays November 12th, 2016, February 11th, 2017 and May 13th, 2017, attend one, two or all three!
Time: 9:00 am to noon
Fee: $10 with some scholarships available. Register online, at the Connections table on Sundays, or through the church office (206-525-8400). Childcare is available if reserved through the church office at least a week in advance.

Volunteers are needed for all the roles in making the Men’s Breakfasts happen. We invite you to help plan the topics, help with food preparation, serve as a small group facilitator, help with set-up and clean-up, etc. Contact Mike Kippes


Hosted by the UUC Leadership Development Committee for new, emerging and continuing leaders, these topics are foundational to all religious leadership. Sample topics are below. For 2017-18, programs are being reconsidered; workshops may begin in the spring.

Stepping into Leadership

An orientation and invitation to leadership at UUC, for new, prospective and current leaders of committees, groups and ministry teams, as well as those who are in discernment about their calling to leadership. We’ll explore the strengths and skills needed in adaptive religious leadership and provide an overview of resources and processes at UUC: How to start a new group or project, promoting your program, arranging meeting rooms, managing finances, offering childcare, and more. Presenters: Janine Larsen, Rev. Beth Chronister, other staff and program leaders

A Question of Vocation

Parker Palmer, writer, teacher and activist, asks it this way: “Is the life I am living the same as the life that wants to live in me?” As members and leaders (or potential leaders) at UUC, we commit to faithful action, responsible stewardship and prophetic vision – and the risk of leaving the safety of known ways. But what is it, exactly, that we are called to do and be in the world? And how to we inspire others to do the same? In this workshop, we’ll explore methods of personal and institutional discernment, values clarification and the capacity of religious leadership to develop lives of courage, commitment, passion and impact. Presenters: Rev. Jon Luopa, Rev. Beth Chronister, Janine Larsen

Living the Covenant

Unitarian Universalism is grounded in covenant – but what does that mean, exactly, and how is it practiced at UUC? We’ll look at the theological and practical understandings of covenant, gain skills in building and leading groups in covenant, wrestle with what happens when covenant is broken and learn how relationship can be redeemed and healthy community reclaimed. As religious leaders at UUC, we must engage covenant not just as a concept, but as a verb. Presenters: Rev. Jon Luopa and others

Intercultural Awareness and Practice: Developing skills for deepening our faith and community

Workshop I:  Introduction to Intercultural Awareness & Practice
Workshop 2:  Going Deeper with Intercultural Awareness & Practice

At UUC, we aspire to be increasingly open to the vast, rich diversity of human experience, as an expression of our UU values and as spiritual growth and wholeness. As UU leaders, this means nurturing the ability to create strong interpersonal relationships across difference, developing skills that help us leave the safety of known ways, and actively supporting each other as we grow and change, both as persons and as a congregation. This experiential and concrete workshop will help us see why and how we get stuck when working across differences and will offer ways to see and talk about systemic oppression as we consider nine important aspects of identity – age, disability, religious culture, ethnicity, social class, sexual orientation, indigenous heritage, national origin, and relationships or projects. Lunch is included. Presenters: UUC Equity Team and Rev. Beth Chronister

Seminar: UUC Culture, Systems and Leadership (Date TBA)

Given all we’ve learned about religious leadership, what do we make of UUC’s particular congregational culture? We’ll look at the dynamics of a large church, including systems of change, resistance, conflict, governance, community and ministry. As we look toward UUC’s future, how will we influence the church through our own resources as leaders, and where are our yearnings taking us? We’ll dive into mentorship, planning, assessment and energetic means to our ends. Presenters: Leadership Development Team and Janine Larsen