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UUC Renovation and Expansion Project

We are excited to share with you the progress on our new home, the one we have envisioned together and are working together to realize! During the process of renovating and modestly expanding our buildings, we invite everyone to learn more and get involved. Open communication is our top priority.

—Stacy Carlson; Jan Hood; Byron Krystad, UUC Director of Operations; Rev. Jon M. Luopa; Carolyn Rasch; Lee Anne Warner

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What’s New

Look to this page for recent updates, announcements, requests and other news. We appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm and welcome your energy.

Updated: 11/1/17

  • Oct. 8, Congregational Meeting and Vote. UUC members voted to overwhelmingly accept the revised plans for the church renovation and the associated $17 million capital campaign. Read more.
  • Nov. 11 “There’s No Place Like Home” celebration. Watch the Gateway, your email inbox and other sources for the latest!
  • Please visit the new page for the Temporary Site Selection Team.
  • Since June, PSIT and Hacker architects have held four full-day workshops.
  • We encourage UUC members to volunteer with a PSIT support team. Various skills and time commitments will be needed as we work together on this exciting project! Please see Get Involved
  • We are now in Design Development. In this phase, we determine more specifics, such as design details, material and products, and refine square footage and cost requirements. These decisions help solidify design issues in preparation for the construction documents.

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Get Involved

We are uplifted by our unity! UUC members are in this exciting project together—thanks to the participation and support from hundreds of members, UUC teams, staff, volunteers and donors. PSIT and the Capital Campaign Team welcome your involvement.

Read on to learn how you can help—and be sure to visit the Capital Campaign Team, too!

Seeking volunteers!

We are thankful for volunteers—and seeking more! Are you a natural organizer or a process guru? We need you! A people person? We need you! Does being on call for short tasks best fit your life? We’ve got a job for you!

PSIT is forming support teams to lead, assist and consult with us through the many important tasks ahead. Currently, we are seeking members for teams shown in red and encourage you to submit a Statement of Interest Form:

  • Temporary Site Transition Team. This large team of UUC staff and members will help ensure a smooth, supportive transition for the congregation to our temporary home during construction and back to our new home following its completion. The many tasks of this broadly defined team will require many volunteers.
  • Grant Writers. Please contact us if you have experience with writing grants. Specifically, there may be opportunities around sustainable energy.
  • Technical Advisory Team. Members of this advisory team have technical expertise to support PSIT with the evaluation and selection of systems and technology for the building infrastructure—for example, acoustics, HVAC, networking and computing, audio-visual, security, solar energy, and gray water recovery.
  • Temporary Site Selection Team. This team of UUC members and staff will recommend potential temporary sites that would be suitable for UUC operations during the construction of our new home.

Submit a Statement of Interest Form.

Do you have interest, expertise or ideas in areas not listed above? Reach out to members of the PSIT team, use our Share Your Ideas form below or call the UUC office at (206) 525-8400.

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Our Team

This is the place to get to know the UUC volunteers, staff, architects, contractors and other professionals who are working together on your behalf.

UUC Physical Space Implementation Team (PSIT)

Members, left to right: Rev. Jon M. Luopa; PSIT chair, Lee Anne Warner; Stacy Carlson; Jan Hood; Carolyn Rasch; Byron Krystad, UUC Director of Operations

Convened in 2014 to guide the process of achieving a new home for UUC. We welcome you to connect with us, either in person or using our form to Share Your Thoughts.


PSIT Support Teams and Leads

Temporary Site Selection Team     Patricia Chapman, Sallie Dacey, Ann Hirschi, Rev. Jon Luopa, and Byron Krystad
Temporary Site Transition Team    TBD
Technical Advisory Team                  TBD
Grant Writers                                       Dylan Medina, others TBD


UUC Member Architects Advisory Team

Bernard Jalbert, Architect; Emily McNichols, AIA LEED AP Homes; Eric Denny, AIA


Tom Schmidt, Emily Knudsen Leland, Corey Martin, Amelie Reynaud, Jennie Fowler, Jonah Cohen, Andrew Schilling, Hao Zhou

UUC selected Hacker, based in Portland, OR, as our project architects in April 2015. This firm of 50+ is “united by a desire to create spaces that enrich the world—spaces that make us feel more connected to the landscape, each other and ourselves.” Learn more at Hacker.


Jason Steinbacher, Mike Herzog, Steve Gates, Jason Limp

UUC selected BNBuilders in April 2017 as our general contractor. Often called “BNB” for short, the company takes an integrated approach and is committed to customer service. BNB has worked with Hacker on previous projects. Learn more at BNBuilders.

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Share Your Thoughts

Let us know what you think! Our project success is dependent on open and accessible communication, and this is the top priority for the Physical Space Implementation Team (PSIT).

Submit your questions, comments and ideas

We respond to all inquiries—just be sure to include your name! We invite you to review past questions and answers –
Design Development Phase Q&A

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Project Vision and History

Project Vision Statement

We envision a physical space that is respectful of the land, full of natural light and fresh air. Our space will be environmentally responsible and sustainable with low maintenance buildings and grounds. Our physical space must be flexible and expandable, and accessible to all who come. We want to be respectful neighbors to those around us. We see a simple design that peacefully reflects our legacy and the Northwest and is compatible with the existing sanctuary.

How We Got Here

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After the year of discernment, one of the five strategic outcomes our congregation endorsed is to create a home designed to function and support our community and a place to live our mission and vision. A place that preserves the structure and beauty of architect Paul Kirk while it provides room for growth and functional improvement. One better suited for us today, and tomorrow.

During the Year of Discernment, we collected a great deal of input on the problems within our buildings. When we described our future physical space, we prioritized the following attributes:

  • Open, light, and warm
  • Welcoming, engaging, and allowing easy flow of people
  • Allowing nature in by capturing light and views of the mountains.
  • Conducive for intergenerational interactions and barrier free for cultural and physical differences
  • Flexible spaces for multiple current and future uses1
  • Well supported with technology and storage
  • Honoring of UUC’s 100 years of traditions
  • Sustainable, green building standards with low maintenance building and grounds
  • Secure and safe, yet allowing movement throughout and welcoming to visitors

In 2012, we formed an implementation team that actively reviewed that input and researched the experience of other churches in the Northwest faced with replacing or renovating their structures. With the help of the Member Architects Advisory Team (MAAT), we found an experienced architectural firm who guided us through a feasibility study. The study determined that we would best be able to fulfill our Mission & Vision by remaining at this site, renovating and expanding our current building. In November 2015, the congregation overwhelming approved this conclusion. We then moved into the Master Plan phase, a long-range vision that would guide us through the remainder of the project.

Summary of Our Progress to Date

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2012 UUC’s Year of Discernment resulted in five strategic outcomes—one of which was to create a home designed to support our community as we live our mission and vision. See How We Got Here above, for more details.
2014 PSIT was convened to guide the process of achieving a new home for UUC.

April, UUC selected our architectural partner—Hacker of Portland, Oregon.

Feasibility Study determined the church’s current properties and structures could accommodate UUC into the future; the congregation voted to remain at the current site and renovate and expand.

PSIT kicked off a Master Plan study to develop design concepts and cost estimates.


For most of 2015, PSIT worked collaboratively with Hacker to develop a Master Plan.

Concurrently, the UUC Capital Campaign Team (CCT) worked with The Collins Group to evaluate UUC’s fundraising capabilities.

December, PSIT and CCT presented to the congregation a physical space concept that could be realized within a total budget of $15M.


January 8—with 43% of UUC’s members-of-record voting 98% YES—University Unitarian Church decided to move forward with the “Not for Ourselves Alone” Capital Plan.

April, UUC selected our general contractor—BNBuilders.

Archived Project Documents

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Contact Us

To contact the Physical Space Implementation Team, please try one of these options:

  • Fill out our online form in the Share Your Thoughts section above!
  • Drop us a note using the postcards provided at the PSIT bulletin board, located between Nathan Johnson Hall and the admin offices.
  • Talk with a PSIT team member in person, between services. We try to staff our bulletin board each week.

We respond to every suggestion and inquiry.

To contact UUC, please visit the UUC Contact Us page or call (206) 525-8400.

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