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UUC Renovation and Expansion Project

The Physical Space and Implementation Team (PSIT) is excited to share with you the progress on our new home! Meet team members in Our Team, below.

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Web Cam

To access the live-stream camera shown in screen shot above, follow these steps, being mindful of the virtue of patience where indicated

  1. Go to our camera’s web page.
  2. If you do not see a “LIVE” button, click the horizontal stripes in upper left (both are circled in image above). Click once and wait for LIVE button to appear.
  3. Click the LIVE button—and now wait. Touch your toes, gaze out the window, take a sip of water… If the web cam gods smile, a live video feed will open. If it does not, try the process again, or at another hour.

Building Site Photos

See what’s happening at our project site. Look below the photos for the latest news on project activity.

Please remember: No one may visit the building site without an appointment. Thank you!


Above: View from back garden  4/29

Above: Lower level classroom  4/29

Above: Stairs to “bridge”  4/29

Above: Another look from back garden  4/29

Above 4 images: North entry! New mezzanine access to loft, with stairs and elevator, and wall of windows lining NJ Hall    4/17

Photos from First Building Tour!

Thanks Steve Carlson and Scott Maxson for sharing images.

Above: Tour group, all suited up and looking smashing!  3/27



Above: Tour group explores future access to loft, and inside sanctuary  3/27

Above: Tour group members check out new windows in RE classrooms  3/27

Above: Tour group climbed the temporary construction stairs for a view of new entry courtyard and progress on roofs   3/27

Early March photos


Above: Windows preparation in the south wing (admin below and classroom above) is coming along. 3/4


Above: Three views of bridge between NJ Hall and south wing.  3/4


Above: The surprise of missing beams where the kitchen and ladies restroom used to be is now resolved: new beams are in place, to ensure a handsome, consistent ceiling that stays true to the original design.  3/4

Above: Sanctuary roofing is underway. Inside, same glowing light. 3/4

February photos

Above: Upstairs in south wing, classrooms for youngsters, with large corner windows.  2/22

Above: Downstairs in south wing, the admin suite.  2/22

Above: Below Nathan Johnson Hall, partial sheet rock with new ductwork in place, framing meeting room, lactation suite and shower room.  2/22

Above: Classroom and meeting space.  2/22


Above: In the basement, new utilities at the ready.  2/22


Above: In the sanctuary, earthquake upgrades include 6-inch lag screws through floor, sheer walls with new 2x4s sistered alongside existing framing and metal reinforcement.   2/22


Above: Bridge spans the gap between NJ Hall and south wing.

Finally, our monthly fish-eye look at Nathan Johnson Hall!  2/22

January photos

The “Imagine” stones are now part of the foundation of our future elevator, a significant new element that so many members wanted—an uplifting feature, you might say!   1/24

In 2016, congregation members envisioned a new UUC campus and set their hopes for it in stone. They painted their personal “Imagine” messages on the stones as they affirmed a wish, vision, intention or promise for the future building and UUC community.


Luis Figueroa, a member of UUC’s valued custodial staff and currently working alongside BNB, was on hand to distribute the stones before the remaining concrete was poured.

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Above: a quick shot of the construction site.  1/26

Above: At lower level, the breezeway from south entrance to parking lot. Upper level will hold classrooms and restrooms.  1/26

Above: Breezeway in lower right corner … and new bridge between Nathan Johnson Hall and south wing is visible between the buildings.  1/26


Above: At left, new sheer wall in corner of sanctuary behind choir loft; at right, new plywood sheathing behind “shoji” screen and chancel.  1/20

Above: Two 1-million-BTU propane heaters for the sanctuary and NJ Hall, for temporary heat after roof, walls and windows are in place so that interior work may begin.  1/20


Above: At left, progress on the elevator pit forms between NJ Hall and the sanctuary; at right, structural steel beam positioned under NJ Hall floor.  1/20

Above: Breezeway for new southwest entry plaza taking shape.  1/20


Above: Views of first floor of south wing with joists for second floor in place.  1/20

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December photos

Above: 2-story steel posts and cross beam.    12/23
What are we seeing here? Pictures are from 35th Ave NE sidewalk, near UUC driveway. The posts are set parallel to the south building’s west wall (and therefore, also parallel to the sidewalk). The posts are about 9 feet from the building. From the parking lot, there will be a walkway between the building and the posts (plus additional patio and seating west of the posts). The upper floor of the south building will extend to the posts, creating an overhang—and so the walkway will be covered.

Above: Plywood begins to enclose the lower floor of the south building. Windows for admin offices are taking shape. 12/13

Above: framing for first floor walls go up.  12/10

Above: Our BNB project manager, Alex, leads the PSIT–Owner’s Rep team on a site visit.  12/10

Above: Below Nathan Johnson Hall, the dirt is gone and new concrete covers recently installed pipes/utilities.

Above: Between NJH and the sanctuary, this new wall will be in the hallway downstairs, and it will support the new north entry above. (The tree will be removed; that is where the upstairs entry will be.) 12/10

Above: Very exciting: the structure below our new elevator is going in! This is just east of the wall shown in photo set above. 12/10

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Building Tours

From March through June, BNBuilders will lead four small-group tours of the construction site. BNB will guide you throughout the site, share information and answer your questions.

Click here to sign up for a tour!

  • Signs-ups are for all four dates and are first-come, first-served.
  • Please sign up for one tour only. A waitlist for each date will be available. If your preferred date is full, please add your name to any or all of the four waitlists.
  • Please read all the information below on dates and safety rules

Tour Dates and Details

Tours will start at 3 pm and run approx. two hours. Space on each tour will be limited to 20, a number determined by BNB for safety. You must stay with the BNB guide at all times.

What you will see: By the time of the first tour in March, window installation will be in progress throughout the site. In the sanctuary/north wing, the roof will be completed and interior walls framed (with some drywall up). The middle building will similarly have framing and some drywall, plus beams in the social hall on level 2; you should be able to envision the final space. The connecting space between NJ Hall and the sanctuary will be in progress. In the south wing, framing with electrical and mechanical rough-ins will be visible. The connecting bridge between NJ Hall and the south wing will be complete.

Here are the four dates of the building tours and new developments you can expect to see:

  • March 27—The “What you’ll see” details above
  • May 7—In addition, some exterior finishes will be completed
  • May 15—In addition, some interior finishes will be completed
  • June 28—In addition, elevator installed (not usable) and ground floor nearly complete

Guidelines and Safety Rules

Please keep these points in mind:

  • You must be 18 or older.
  • You must be a UUC member or contributing friend.
  • You must sign a BNB waiver, which will be provided to you.
  • It is an active construction site, so you must be able to walk the site unassisted, including uneven surfaces, trip hazards, loose footing and low clearances. You will walk on dirt, mud and loose rock. Stairs may be steeper than usual. It is not an ADA site.
  • Portable toilets will be available before and after the tour.
  • You must wear sturdy pants such as jeans or work pants (no leggings, sweatpants, flowy fabrics) and closed-toe, flat boots or shoes (no sandals, flipflops, heels.) If you arrive without proper pants and footwear, you will not be allowed on the tour.
  • You must wear safety gear that will be provided by BNB, including construction helmet, safety glasses, bright vest and gloves.

Sign Up for a Tour Now!

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Get Involved

All of UUC is in this exciting project together—thanks to the participation and support from hundreds of members, UUC teams, staff, volunteers and donors.

If you have questions about the building project, reach out to members of the PSIT team, use our Share Your Ideas form below or call the UUC office at (206) 525-8400.

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Our Team

Meet the UUC volunteers, staff, architects, contractors and other professionals who are working together on your behalf.

UUC Physical Space Implementation Team (PSIT)

Members, left to right: Rev. Jon M. Luopa; PSIT chair, Lee Anne Warner; Stacy Carlson; Jan Hood; Carolyn Rasch; Byron Krystad, UUC Director of Operations

Convened in 2014 to guide the process of achieving a new home for UUC. We welcome you to connect with us, either in person or using our form to Share Your Thoughts.

UUC Member Architects Advisory Team

Bernard Jalbert, Architect; Emily McNichols, AIA LEED AP Homes; Eric Denny, AIA

Tom Schmidt, Emily Knudsen Leland, Corey Martin, Amelie Reynaud, Jennie Fowler, Jonah Cohen, Andrew Schilling, Hao Zhou

UUC selected Hacker, based in Portland, OR, as our project architects in April 2015. This firm of 50+ is “united by a desire to create spaces that enrich the world—spaces that make us feel more connected to the landscape, each other and ourselves.” Learn more at Hacker.

Alex Garcia, Jason Steinbacher, Conrad Nygren, Ben Roe

UUC selected BNBuilders in April 2017 as our general contractor. Often called “BNB” for short, the company takes an integrated approach and is committed to customer service. BNB has worked with Hacker on previous projects. Learn more at BNBuilders.

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Share Your Thoughts

Let us know what you think! Our project success is dependent on open and accessible communication, and this is the top priority for the Physical Space Implementation Team (PSIT).

Submit your questions, comments and ideas

We respond to all inquiries—just be sure to include your name! We invite you to review past questions and answers –
Construction Development Phase Q&A

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Project Vision and History

Project Vision Statement

We envision a physical space that is respectful of the land, full of natural light and fresh air. Our space will be environmentally responsible and sustainable with low maintenance buildings and grounds. Our physical space must be flexible and expandable, and accessible to all who come. We want to be respectful neighbors to those around us. We see a simple design that peacefully reflects our legacy and the Northwest and is compatible with the existing sanctuary.

How We Got Here
Summary of Our Progress to Date
Archived Project Documents

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