Reports & Minutes

Each year, the congregation of University Unitarian Church meets at least once to conduct the business of the congregation at the Annual Congregational Meeting. The items of business at this meeting include electing members to positions on the Board of Trustees (including the Moderator) and the Leadership Development Committee. The congregation also votes to approve the proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year. Additional business items can be submitted by the Board of Trustees or members of the congregation, as described by the bylaws of the church.

In support of the Annual Congregational Meeting, the Board of Trustees, with the support of church staff, provide the congregation with documents that describe the business of the meeting (the Annual Meeting) and the work accomplished by the church during the prior year (the Annual Report). (This may be provided in one document or two documents, depending on timing and distribution.) Note that the minutes of the most recent Annual Congregational Meeting are posted here in “draft” form. The minutes of the congregational meeting prior to the most recent meeting can be found in the most recent Annual Meeting document, because they are approved by the congregation as an item of business.

In addition to the documents supporting the annual meeting each year, the staff provides a Fiscal Year End Closing Report that describes the actual financial position and activities of the church for the fiscal year ending June 30. This report is typically available by August of the same calendar year.

Minutes from the monthly Board of Trustees’ meetings and from congregational meetings are available in links below.


2017 Special October 8 Voting Material

2017 Special Congregational Meeting Agenda

2017 Annual Meeting (agenda and voting materials)

2017 Annual Report

2018 January Board Meeting Minutes

2017 December Board Meeting Minutes

2017 November Board Meeting Minutes

2017 October Board Meeting Minutes

2017 September Board Meeting Minutes

2017 August Board Meeting Minutes

2017 July Board Meeting Minutes

2017 June Board Meeting Minutes



2016 Annual Meeting (agenda and voting materials)

2016 Annual Report

2016 Fiscal Year End Closing Report



2015 Annual Meeting (agenda and voting materials)

2015 Annual Report

2015 Fiscal Year End Closing Report



2014 Annual Meeting (agenda and voting materials)

2014 Annual Report

2014 Fiscal Year End Closing Report

October 2014 Special Congregational Meeting (text of Board motion)



2013 Annual Meeting and Report

2013 Fiscal Year End Closing Report



2012 Annual Meeting and Report



2011 Annual Meeting and Report