Music FAQs

How are the hymns chosen for each service?

The minister who is leading the particular service usually selects the hymns for that service, sometimes in consultation with the director of music.

Hymn choices are based on a number of criteria:

  • Appropriate text to match the theme and flow of the service
  • A mixture of familiar and new hymns
  • Singability for the congregation
  • Suitability of the hymn to provide options for harmonization, singing in rounds, other creative factors

What is the right choir for me? How do I join a choir?

You can find information on our three choirs here. You must have previous choral or orchestra/band experience and be able to read music to join the Loft Choir. The Handbell Choir requires music reading ability and good coordination, but no previous experience playing bells is necessary. The Intergenerational Choir does not require that you be able to read music and no prior experience is necessary. All of our directors are happy to talk with anyone about potential choir membership.IGC

Can I make a donation of music in someone’s honor?

Yes, we welcome donations of music! The funds will be used to purchase sheet music for one of the choirs. A sticker with the name of the honoree (and the name of the donor, if desired) is placed on the front of each sheet. UUC will contact the donor the first time the music is performed, and a notice will appear in the program.

A donation form usually appears in The Gateway newsletter in the fall. You can also contact the director of music, Karen Thomas, for information on making a donation.

Why does the Loft Choir leave in the second service?

We are fortunate to have dedicated choir members, who volunteer an average of 7-1/2 hours of their time to rehearsing and singing for services at UUC every week. The Loft Choir arrives at the church prior to 8:30AM on Sunday. They rehearse the music for that morning, and then stay through the entire first service. When the second service begins, they have already been at church for three hours. For many years, it’s been a tradition for the Loft Choir to leave early in the second service, in recognition of the hours they have already volunteered that morning. Happily, we are blessed with four exceptional section leader-soloists, who remain for the entire second service every week. They lead the hymns and benediction response, in addition to performing solos.

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