Juvenile Injustice

About Juvenile Injustice

The Juvenile Injustice Team at UUC, operating under the Racial Justice Team charter, seeks to educate, partner and take action (sometimes direct) to stop mass incarceration at it’s source. Our current work is to oppose King County’s New Youth Jail, currently under construction at 12th Ave & E. Alder St. in Seattle. We view the New Youth Jail as the manifestation of racist policies in King County where 86% of our children who are detained at that facility every night, are children of color.

What’s New

Our Rev. Beth Chronnister took direct action on April 20, 2017 to stop construction. Click here to read the news article about her.

Recently passed state law, ESSB 6550, directs County prosecutors to only charge youth when referred with charges of three crimes of assault (serious, sexual and criminal assault) which would mean 6% of youth referred statewide would be charged When applied to the King County Youth Detention center at 12th & Alder would mean only two children would be detained.

King County Prosecutor Dan Satterburg, has wide discretion in youth charges and diversion referrals and is up for re-election in the fall of 2018. We may organize to hold him accountable for helping enact the County’s Zero Youth Detention policy.

Current Projects

We are working to shift our focus from advocacy to organizing and are seeking team members to help.

We were inspired by Youth Undoing Institutional Racism when they met with us and helped us envision a world with zero youth detention that can be realized now.

We partner with TeamChild as advisors for our work as they represent our children before the King County justice system every day.

We work to maintain accountability to EPIC (End the Prison Industrial Complex).

And the No New Youth Jail coalition

And with European Dissent


Get Involved

Read Michelle Alexander’s “The New Jim Crow”

Sign up for the Undoing Institutional Racism workshop

Read the Anne E. Casey Foundation reports on juvenile detention

And a report on health impacts from youth arrests in Michigan

Vision and History

We view our work to educate and publicize the impacts of the juvenile justice systems on our children as an opportunity for greater understanding of how our racist past attitudes and laws have led to our current racist policies. We seek to inspire others to show how our complacency along with our tax dollars and our elected officials (that we most likely voted into office) perpetuate the status quo of mass incarceration. We actively work for a more just world, where “those children” become “our children.”

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