Volunteer Opportunities

“Tell me, what will you do with your one wild and precious life?” – Mary Oliver

There are many ways to contribute your unique skills and talents here at University Unitarian Church! Explore the opportunities for using your gifts and interests to get involved in UUC. Once you have found a volunteer opportunity, we have a Volunteer Resources Page where you can find some tips and tools that may be helpful.


Welcoming and Hospitality

Sunday hospitality teams include ushers, greeters, coffee service, and office volunteers. Working together, they create an intentional climate of warmth and welcome for all who come through the doors at UUC.

  • Coffee Crew – Sets up coffee, tea and other refreshments for Sunday Services. Co-leads are Jan Eisenhardt & Deborah deRaadt
  • Center Table – Prepares and plates cookies, bagels, etc., to serve after each Sunday Service.  Co-leads are Mike & Sarah Walker
  • Greeters – Welcome visitors, members and friends to UUC each Sunday and help them find their way. Co-leads are Dan Lathrop & Joan Fuller.
  • Ushers – Hand out programs, help people find seats in the Sanctuary, collect the offering. Co-leads are Rebecca DiNino & Eric Valpey.
  • Sound Crew – Operate the sound board during Sunday Services and special events. Lead is Erik Miller-Klein.
  • Sunday Office Volunteers – Answer questions, take orders for name tags, sermon recordings, name tags, other tasks. Lead is Sallie Dacey.
  • Connections Table – Answer questions and provide resources about Unitarian Universalism and UUC, help people sign up for classes and events, and support connections to small groups, volunteering, and other church activities.

Contact Janine Larsen to be connected to any of these teams.

You can also bring a contribution of snacks or treats for the Sunday Center Table, any quantity, any time.  If you would like to purchase sponsor refreshments and/or Sunday flowers for a special occasion, please contact the church office or Janine Larsen, UUC Director of Ministries.

UUC Bookstore

Help church community members access resources and opportunities for growth and make our bookstore a friendly spot to hang out on Sunday mornings. Call the church office or email the Bookstore Coordinator, [form id=22 popup=yes]Cindy Fuller[/form].



Religious Education & UU Faith Formation

For Children & Youth

Does teaching or mentoring children or youth feed your soul?  Many people tell us that working with children or youth gives them hope for the future. You might consider volunteering in our Religious Education classes or being a mentor for our ninth grade Coming of Age Program. Contact Melody Moberg, UUC’s Director of Religious Education (DRE) for more information or to volunteer.

For Adults

Perhaps you have a skill or passion that you would like to share with other adults in our community. You might consider offering to teach or facilitate an adult education class. Contact Janine Larsen, UUC’s Director of Ministries.


Committees and Ministry Programs

What ministry of the church do you want to help nurture?

For information on our Social Justice groups, Care Ministries and Memorial Reception Committee,  contact the Rev. Beth Chronister and explore the Social Justice tab. For information about other programs and committees, contact Janine Larsen, UUC’s Director of Ministries..

Art Committee

The Art Committee is responsible for jurying works for the ever-changing exhibits in UUC’s Gilmartin Gallery and the chapel. The committee chooses the artist(s) and hangs the monthly shows. Committee members also participate in a reception for the artists and the sale of the art, a portion of which benefits the church. Due to the upcoming building construction, we are not scheduling any more shows for the foreseeable future. We have artists already in place through June of 2018. At that point the congregation will be moving out of our church building for a year or more while it is being remodeled. We do not anticipate having a space for art shows in our temporary home. Please check back with us in 2019, as we may have information then about when we can anticipate having art shows again.


Caring Shawls Knitting/Crocheting Group

See our Small Groups page.

Helping Hands

young hand in old handThe Helping Hands team is part of our Care Ministries. It provides occasional rides and meals for people who need a little extra help. You can ask for a helping hand whether you are ill, have surgery, maybe a care-giver needs a vacation, or for a happy occasion like having a baby! Volunteering for Helping Hands is an easy way to show you care. Contact the Care Team if you need a helping hand or for information on how you can lend a helping hand.

We also want to match drivers who could add a passenger (either occasionally or regularly) when driving to and from church. Let the Care Team know if this is something you would be willing to do.

Connections Team

The Connections Team focuses on several areas of congregational life, including

  • Staffing the Connections Table every Sunday morning
  • Facilitating UUC Info Sessions on first Sundays (we would love to expand this to every Sunday)
  • Offering “Exploring UU” classes and welcoming new members
  • Assisting visitors and mentoring new members in finding their places within our community
  • Organizing community-building activities and events.

Contact Janine Larsen if you are interested in joining the Connections Team or would like more information.

Memorial Reception Committee

The Memorial Reception Committee provides a place for the friends and family members who have a memorial service at the church to remain after the service and have additional time together. We arrange small tables, simple decorations, and prepare and serve coffee, tea, punch, and cookies, provided by the church. Additional foods and/or beverages may be provided and served by family. Contact the Rev. Beth Chronister to be connected to committee leaders.

Small Groups

Participating in a small group is a wonderful way to get that small church feeling and still enjoy the benefits of being part of a large church community! View our Small Groups.