Fair Share

Aspirational Giving Guide

To help determine how much to give, UUC offers the following aspirational or “fair share” giving guidelines, which are shown as a suggested percentage of adjusted household income. Income may be adjusted to reflect household income minus major medical expenses, child or elder care expenses, and costs of higher education.

Supporter might say, 

“UUC is an important part of my life and promotes my spiritual growth.”

For a Sustainer

“UUC is central to my identity, and I’m committed to sustaining its ministry & programs.”

A Leader might say, 

“I am deeply committed to making real the promise of this church’s mission & vision.”

For a Visionary

“Ensuring our mission and vision through personal gifts is a way I live out my own ministry in the world.”


The Aspirational Giving Guide is just a guideline, a starting point. Your pledge should fit your heart and your resources. Everyone’s circumstances are different. Let your pledge be an expression of joy. Every gift, no matter the amount, is important and is cherished.