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New UUC Stories Just Released!

Three new stories are available on the UUC Stories web page: Dorothy McGee: “We each realized we had missed so much … and our children had missed so much.” Dan Lathrop: “I found my...

Supporting Black Lives of UU

On February 11th, we will be receiving the offering to join hundreds of other UU churches in supporting the vision and ministry of Black Lives of UU (BLUU). BLUU provides information, resources and support...

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Last Will and Testament

Is UUC in Your Will?

Strengthen UUC’s Future by Letting Us Know if the Church is in Your Will If you have included UUC in your will, THANK YOU! Legacy gifts are an important way to strengthen UUC’s future...

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Donations for Online Auction?

The Stewardship Committee had a terrific idea for raising the remaining funds needed for the FY2018 budget. We plan to conduct a small, online-only auction with a get-away/vacation experience theme. Several UUC members and...