UUC Economic Justice Team: On Path to Economic Justice

Monday, June 3, 7 p.m. at the interim office

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Washington State recently took steps toward a slightly more progressive taxation system. We currently have the most regressive tax system in the country. Low-income taxpayers pay 17% of their income in state taxes, while the very highest-income taxpayers, the top 1%, are paying 3% of their income in state taxes.

The legislature recently passed a law to create a graduated real-estate excise tax. Currently, the tax rate is 1.28% for all property sales. The law will create graduated rates between 1.1% to 3%, varying on the sale price of the property. UUC’s Bill McPherson has provided additional detail on the new law on JUUstWA.org.

This small, but important victory is a small step on the path to economic justice in Washington state. UUC’s Economic Justice Team invites you to join our meeting on June 3 as we continue finding the path to create economic justice in our region, state, and country. We will continue brainstorming how to engage with this project. We invite you to bring to the meeting your ideas of outside groups to partner with.

Please contact Ben Pfeiffer or Nicholas Barnard with questions, or to suggest a group to partner with.