Returning Home

All-Gender Restrooms and Other Features

Architectural drawing of new upstairs restrooms
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Gender-neutral. Unisex. Gender-inclusive. All-gender. Whatever we call it, UUC’s new home has one restroom for all genders on each floor, rather than separate male- and female-designated restrooms. You’ll find the upper-level restroom just south of Nathan Johnson Hall, near the atrium, stairs and Religious Education (RE) suite. The first thing you’ll see is a privacy screen, behind which is a wide entry rather than a traditional door. Inside, there are 8 stalls that are completely private with floor-to-ceiling framed walls and wood doors. The stalls are situated around a central sink bar. (Inside the RE suite is a restroom with a child-height sink and toilet, as well as a changing table.) Downstairs, the restroom is similarly designed, with 4 fully private stalls. Both floors have an adjacent ADA/family restroom with sink and changing table. Not only do we have all-gender restrooms in our newly remodeled church home, we have added resources of a lactation room, also known as a mother’s room, and a single-use shower room.

Staff Tour: “Ooh, Ahh, Wow”

Some UUC staff, in hardhats and safety vests, in the unfinished choir loft
Up in the unfinished choir loft

UUC staff members visited the new UUC this past Thursday. “The design through the whole building reflects the UU vision of ministry,” said Janine Larsen. “The permeability of the indoor and outdoor spaces—all that glass not only lets in light, it lets in the whole community. We are looking out and inviting in. You can just tell it was designed by people—not as an institution but as a community.”

Throughout the tour, staff exclaimed about the natural lighting, intergenerational connection and open design. “The admin layout is more open, more flexible and a more workable size,” commented Nick Barnard. Looking from the admin wing toward the classrooms, Rev. Beth Chronister said, “This large downstairs hall—what a difference from before! It makes the church feel like one continuous building.”

Melody and Nick in Nathan Johnson Hall

Melody Moberg and Aria Curtis (our new Elementary Program Coordinator!) were delighted with the RE classrooms. Aria was pleased with her first visit to the infants/toddler room, with its clever split space and large windows: “Oh great, this is perfect!” The classrooms for older kids provide plenty of room for multiple activities. “So spacious! This is going to be great,” said Melody. “I’m really happy.”

Janine added, “The most magnificent space, I think, is the children’s suite upstairs. To have this much sunlight, that makes a statement that we value these children. It’s a feeling that we’re helping them grow.  It is such a nurturing place with all that sun coming in.”

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~ Physical Space Implementation Team (PSIT)