On These Rocks We Will Build Our Church

Some of our "Imagine" rocks from 2016

On January 24, the “Imagine” stones were placed around the foundation of our future elevator, a significant new element that so many members wanted–an uplifting feature, you might say!

In 2016, congregation members envisioned a new UUC campus and set their hopes for it in stone. The Imagine stones are rounded, smooth, mostly palm-sized rocks. Members painted their personal “Imagine” messages on the stones as they affirmed a wish, vision, intention or promise for the future building and UUC community.

The Building Team (and even our contractor, BNBuilders!) were thrilled to personalize the construction process with the heartfelt visions of UUC members. Luis Figueroa, a member of UUC’s valued custodial staff and currently working alongside BNB, was on hand to distribute the stones before the remaining concrete was poured.

Thank you everyone! Enjoy more Imagine photos, see recent pictures of building progress and explore the project on our Renovation and Expansion page.

~Physical Space and Implementation Team (PSIT)