House Party: Watch “Babies & Bailouts”

Tuesday, June 4, 7 p.m. in the Maple Leaf Neighborhood

Can’t make it to the Racial Justice Team’s showing of Babies & Bailouts after church on June 2? Join Debbie & Nancy Maranville and Ben Pfeiffer at their house in Maple Leaf to watch video segments showing how our current money bail system unfairly jails individuals awaiting trial and saddles them with unreasonable financial burdens. People who have not been convicted of any crime spend months incarcerated simply because they cannot afford bail, and are much more likely to be convicted in court than someone released on bail. Now imagine you are a parent facing such an unjust system. See

Please RSVP below. We’ll provide light snacks and drinks. Feel free to contribute your own, but not expected.

Maximum: 9 guests

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