From UUC’s Immigrant Justice Team

Supporting one another in our ongoing learning and reflection has become integral to UUC’s Immigrant Justice Team’s monthly meetings. Kay Hubbard, one of our UUC congregants who has been connected to migrant and immigrant justice for decades, is spending most of February volunteering in Guadalajara. She shares her experiences there.

Reflections from Guadalajara, February 12, 2019
Kay Hubbard

Dear Friends,

FM4 kitchen volunteers

I’m into my 2nd week here in Guadalajara and grateful to reconnect with friends and family–some I’ve known since the 1980s!

Last week I spent time with several friends from the University of Guadalajara, some who came as exchange students when I worked in international exchange at the UW and who are committed to migrant and immigrant justice. [Read more…]