From the Climate Action Team

Damned - a salmon painting by Catherine Ruha
“Damned” – A painting by Catherine Ruha

This week the UUC Climate Action Team wants to call attention to the UN’s May 6 report on Species Extinction and to a promise of a local tribal group to be good caretakers:

Until the early 1900s, the culture of the Cayuse, Umatilla and Walla Walla Indians was based on a yearly cycle of travel to celebrate and gather the first foods of salmon, roots, berries, deer, and elk that were most plentiful in different places in different seasons. This meant that they had to move from place to place, from season to season, to their food and prepare it to be eaten and to be saved for the winter. . . Every food these peoples needed was provided by the earth.

“The Umatilla Tribe in northeastern Oregon promised to take care of the foods that promised to take care of them: water, fish, game, roots and berries. Can they keep that promise in a warming world?”

Imagine promising to take care of the earth so that you would always have the foods you needed to survive. What do you know about the foods that you eat and their carbon footprints? How might you reimagine your eating habits to better care for the air, land, and climate?

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