From the Climate Action Team

Cover of Justice on Earth

The Climate Action Team invites you to engage understanding and living our Second Principle. UU Rev. Manish Mishra-Marzetti, in the book Justice on Earth, wrote: “Stepping into the inequality and suffering we have created in our own nation requires explicitly or implicitly beginning to recognize our complicity and silence in allowing that suffering to exist…without necessarily digging deeper into how the middle class comfort we may enjoy in our own nation is shaped and on whose backs it exists.” Middle and upper class comfort also involves more consumption and doing more of the things that involve greater energy use; more household appliances, meat consumption, higher per capita living space, car use, and vacation travel. [1]

How do you understand your lifestyle and its relation to the Earth? What does it mean to live the lifestyle you do and what values are you upholding?

“We do not understand the earth in terms either of what it offers us or of what it requires of us, and I think it is the rule that people inevitably destroy what they do not understand.”

Wendell Berry

Relationships we do not understand must become ones that we do. And with greater understanding comes greater compassion. Greater compassion will lead us toward caring actions.