We are one giant step closer to realizing our dream of a new home: Construction Documents have been submitted to the City! Construction Documents are the final set of drawings from our architects. They include all the details needed to apply for a permit and construct the building. See Our Future UUC Home web page for an updated fly-through, new floor plans and some new “concept” drawings.

Going from the Construction Documents phase…

The UUC Physical Space Implementation Team (PSIT), Hacker architects and BNBuilders just completed the most intensive phase of our building design. For three months running, we held weekly video-conferences to pore over every aspect of the building design. In addition, there was frequent communication between UUC and City of Seattle representatives to clarify as much as possible applicable city codes and requirements. We submitted the Construction Documents to the City on December 20 to begin the permitting process. And on January 31, even more detailed documents were handed over to BNBuilders, to prepare for the next phase of our project, Bidding and Permitting.

…to Bidding and Permitting

During this phase, we will continue to revise the drawings to respond to cost-cutting recommendations from subcontractors and comments from the City.

Thank YOU!!

Thank you to everyone in the congregation for your continued support and contributions to this process. Together, we all helped shape the direction and general design of our new home. Members and staff—representing all UUC programs, the Board of Trustees, and PSIT Advisory Teams—contributed their creativity and heartfelt concerns about the details that emerged during this phase, thus ensuring our attainment of the best possible outcome. Your support is invaluable to our success.