It’s Time to Participate in a Stewardship Gathering!

You are part of a beloved community that is on the threshold of taking giant steps toward realizing a shared vision years in the making. As part of the Not for Ourselves Alone campaign, you are invited to attend a Stewardship Gathering where a small group of congregants will share stories about makes UUC special to each of us and our hopes for the legacy we are creating for those who come after us!

These events will take place in members’ homes and at church during February and March. Through facilitated group conversations of 8-10 congregants, we will

  • get to know one another better
  • share what makes this community meaningful to us
  • get our questions answered
  • and think about how much and how best to give

You can

  • sign up here for a gathering in a neighborhood near you: View Events Here!
  • sign up at the Not for Ourselves Alone table in Nathan Johnson Hall between services
  • or meet one-on-one with a Visiting Steward by calling 206-454-7718 or sending an email message to


Thank you for being part of this historic moment in the life of our church!