Testimonial from Celeste Jalbert

Good Morning,

I am very proud to say that I born into this church. In fact, on this very chancel, I was dedicated by Peter Raible as an infant in my parents’ arms.

As a child, I sat on these chancel steps and listened with rapt attention to stories each month when we had service in what I called, “the big church.”

In this sanctuary, I danced with wild abandon and great joy as part of the Intergenerational Movement Choir.

I stood at this pulpit at age 13 and read my Coming of Age faith statement to all of you.

I filed out into the cold, dark night after Christmas Eve services each year with my family, feeling overwhelming love and reverence.

And I stood on this chancel again as a high school senior as I was celebrated and sent off into the world.

I left Seattle for college and I came back.

I was a Coming of Age mentor to Halley Norman and taught Coming of Age with Fred Capestany.

I left again for graduate school and I came back. I have always found my way back here.

I joined the Loft Choir and now I get to sing alongside my mom every week.

And this summer, when I marry my partner, David, Deborah Raible will be our officiant.

I have always found my way back here because this place and all of you have always been home for me. I know that no matter where my life takes me, I will always have this home to return to.

My family and my career have taught me the importance of philanthropy. My parents have been helping with the capital campaign since the very start – perhaps you’ve received an enthusiastic voicemail from Bernard or a heartfelt thank you note from Carole.

No matter the amount, tangible gifts to the communities we call home are important. I am young and just starting out, but when I joyfully contribute what I can to the resources that support this beloved community that means so much to me, I affirm my life, and the life of my future family, within it.

Today, I invite you to do the same and join me in turning in your pledge form for the annual fund and the capital campaign. If you already have, thank you. There’s much work to be done both within and beyond these walls. Let’s get to work.