Testimonial from Gayle Childers

Submit Your Pledge Forms Now!

As President of your Board of Trustees, I’ve been inspired by your stories and amazed by your commitment to action in recent months!

Now we’re nearing the end of our Not for Ourselves Alone campaign – our pledge drive that includes the Annual Operating Fund and Building Campaign.  As a congregation, we committed to raising the approved budget of $17 million for the Building Campaign.  And every year, we recommit our connection to this church through our Annual Operating Fund, which this year has a goal of just under $1 million.

How do we get there? 

We get there by you completing your pledge form and returning it to the office in the next week!  We get there by you reminding others to do the same.  If you can increase your Annual Operating Fund by 7% or more over last year that helps meet our goals.  If you can double that amount and contribute half to the Building Campaign for the next five years, that helps meet our goals.

We must be able to assure our partner, the bank, that we have the commitment of our congregation to this work – and without the pledges we cannot do that.  So receiving your pledge in the next few days matters.

We stretched!  Will you?

Last week, my wife Rebecca and I were moved to reevaluate what we had planned and to stretch beyond our initial pledges.  We increased our Operating Pledge by over 15% and increased our Building Campaign pledge by more than 40%.  I recognize that everyone cannot do that – I am not asking anyone to stretch beyond reason.  But I do want to challenge you to reconsider and, if possible – to stretch more.

It is Not For Ourselves Alone that we do this.  There is much work to be done now, for the future, for the people we know, and for those who have yet to find us.  We can do this.  We must do this.  We need you!

Feel the stretch!  Thank you!

Click here to fill out and print a pledge form.