Sunday Morning Change: Please Leave Chairs in Place

We’ve learned a lot in these last four months about how best to set up and take down our “church in a box” at the Meadowbrook Community Center. We appreciate how quickly everyone got into the routine of folding their chair when the service ended. But we’ve listened to feedback and now have a new request.

Having so many people standing with a folded chair or two and waiting for a turn at the carts is creating a bottleneck and a bit of a hazard for those not as strong on their feet as others. Starting this Sunday, November 4, for the comfort and safety of everyone in the gym, we ask that you leave your chair in place and simply exit the gym.

If a few of you want to stay and help stack, that will be appreciated, but for the majority of us, the most helpful thing you can do at the end of the service is leave the gym to socialize, over coffee if that’s your pleasure, in the lobby or the multi-purpose room. Thank you.