Rev. Beth Joins the Teen Feed Crew

UUC has partnered with Teen Feed for over a dozen years. UUC’s Meal Team includes an intergenerational crew of 25, with most volunteering at 6-8 meals annually, on the 1st Sunday or the 1st Friday of each month.

Last Friday, Rev. Beth joined the Friday Meal Team to prepare three kinds of enchiladas, with all the toppings, along with Mexican rice, refried beans, salad, brownies and ice cream. Chocolate sauce was available to top the ice cream or stir into a glass of milk! Our meal team laughed and caught up on some of UUC’s latest news while preparing the meal and getting the service line ready for about 35 teens.

Our team served up the meal, and offered a smile and some conversation as the teens moved through the serving line. Teen Feed staff use the meal to build rapport and foster trusting relationship with the youth, and then offer support and resources that can help them establish a plan.

Rev. Beth shared a bit about her experience last Friday:

People from UUC have been cooking and serving at TeenFeed for many years and it was a wonderful experience to join the team in the kitchen this month. It was a fun, flurry of activity as we prepared enchiladas, salad, and dessert together. Serving the teens who came through the line and getting to speak with them briefly about their days was meaningful. The young people who end up on the streets of Seattle have often experienced trauma, rejection, and the failure of the multiple support systems. A plate of food is a small way to show that they matter but it is a concrete way to help companion these young people through another day. I am grateful that UUC has made this work part of our commitment to our community.

If you would like to learn more about UUC’s Meal Team, contact Pam.