Racial Justice Team Endorses Initiative 1000

Since 1998, Initiative 200, perhaps the most racist and sexist ballot measure ever passed in our state, has banned the use of affirmative action programs to recruit, admit, hire or contract with women and people of color in public education, employment and contracting.

Initiative 1000 is an initiative to the Legislature that would repeal I-200 and provide pathways toward diversity in public education, employment and contracting, without the use of quotas. Decades of systemic racism, sexism, and other biases have created barriers that disproportionately impact women, people of color, those with disabilities, and veterans. Since 1998, small, women and minority owned businesses have lost over $3.5 billion in state contracts, while diversity of students and staff at colleges and universities has decreased.

UUC’s Racial Justice Team has endorsed I-1000, joining the Washington State Labor Council, Faith Action Network, NAACP, Democrats for Diversity and Inclusion, El Centro De La Raza, Tabor 100, Washington State Civil Rights Coalition, National Association of Minority Contractors, Martin Luther King County Labor Council, Organization of Chinese Americans, Washington Federation of State Employees, Washington State Democrats and others.

259,622 valid petition signatures are required by January 4, 2019. Please stop by the Focus Table in the lobby of the Meadowbrook Community Center on Sunday morning, November 18 to learn more and add your name to the initiative petition.