Music Director’s Notes – by Karen P. Thomas


Many of you have been wondering where we are in our search for a new permanent organist/pianist. I’d like to share information on our progress, as I know we are all anxious to have a permanent person in place.

The path to this end is full of some tricky twists and turns, as you might imagine, given our upcoming year away from home. Prior to December, we didn’t know where our temporary home for Sunday services would be – a church with an organ, a meeting space with a piano, or a large space with no instrument? Since we didn’t know, it was impossible to advertise and make a hire, not knowing whether we would need to hire an organist, pianist, or something entirely different. The uncertainty put our efforts on hold, and it became clear that we would likely need to hire a temporary employee for next year, and wait to start our search for a permanent organist until the middle of next year (with that person expected to start in fall 2019, when we move back into our renovated building).

Now that we know our temporary space for the 2018-19 church year is the Meadowbrook Community Center gymnasium, it’s clear that we need to solve not only the challenge of who to hire for that year, but also the new challenge of what portable instrument we can acquire or rent, and where to store it.

Thus, the organist search has become a three-part endeavor:

1. hire a series of substitute organists and pianists for the current church year, as we have been doing.

2. hire a temporary pianist and/or other instrumentalists for next year at Meadowbrook.

3. conduct a search for a permanent organist/pianist who will begin in September 2019.

It’s rather more complex than anticipated, but we will definitely continue to have high quality music for our services over the next couple of years, and into the future!