Learn About I-1631

Sundays October 14 and November 4 following the service

UUC has endorsed Initiative 1631, which will be on our November ballot. Members of our Climate Action Team will be in the Meadowbrook Community Center lobby following the Sunday morning services on October 14 and November 4 to answer any questions about it.

I-1631 is a carbon fee proposal that would charge $15 per metric ton of carbon emitted by fossil fuels. It would apply to refineries, utilities and factories that use fossil fuels, and the fee would escalate each year by $2 plus inflation, unless emissions started to stabilize or decline after 2035. That year is significant because it is written into a state law that requires a 25% reduction from 1990 levels. If this reduction is strengthened, I-1631 would also be strengthened accordingly. Revenue would be used for renewable energy, forest and water projects. The fee would probably be passed along in consumer costs of gasoline, natural gas and other fossil fuels. I-1631 has been endorsed by JUUstice Washington, the new statewide UU advocacy group, and many other groups such as the Sierra Club, 350.org, Citizens Climate Lobby, labor unions and community groups.

More information is available at Yeson1631.org.