Asylum-Seekers Need Short-Term Housing

Standing on the Side of LoveIt takes all of us, working together, to stand with immigrants in our community. On September 9, Rick Beckel offered testimony about 28 detained by ICE in Bellingham, and we offered our Social Justice Plate Collection to support the families.

Over the past year, several from UUC have gotten proximate to immigrants in our community…offering accompaniment, transportation and short-term housing to parents released on bond; providing housing, hospitality and financial support to asylum-seekers; accompaniment at ICE check-in’s; joining the Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network (WAISN) to become rapid responders.

There are several more asylum seekers that need our support. Consider whether you might open a bedroom, or a mother-in-law apartment, to an asylum seeker, too.

  • An immigrant woman seeking asylum who is in need of housing for a few more months, while she continues to build stability. She is working, studying English, and fairly independent. She is currently living with a family, but that family needs the extra bedroom in December. It would be ideal to locate another host in North Seattle for December through early into 2019.
  • A family of three is currently living in a household with 13 others seeking asylum. They speak Spanish, and are at the beginning stages of the asylum process. They hope to find room within a home with a U.S. family who might host them for 4-6 months, or a small apartment.
  • A young man who entered the U.S. as an unaccompanied minor needs housing beginning in December. He is 20, working full-time and fairly independent. His English is improving, and he is practicing his English with a UUC congregant. He hopes to find a small apartment or room with a family in Central or North Seattle, so he can continue to gain stability, while he sends part of his earnings to family members in Guatamala.

We must stand with our neighbors. Consider whether you might help. Contact Pam for more information.