Wow! Nearly 200 of us participated in UUC Stewardship gatherings in the last six weeks, and 300 of us have renewed our pledges to the annual operating campaign. To meet our goal of full participation, we still need about 100 more of you to pledge your support. And, though the response has been great so far, we do still need additional support for the Building Campaign as well. The stronger our support for the building campaign, the smoother our upcoming negotiations will be with the bank as we arrange for the short-term financing we will need for the project.

So, if you have made a pledge: Thank you! If you haven’t made your pledge just yet, or if you are feeling newly inspired to increase it, it’s time to act on that inspiration, and send in your signed pledge form to the office today!

We have been on quite a journey for a few years now at UUC: as we have recommitted ourselves to our future work and life, manifest now in the campaign to bring us from our current church home to our new one! So much planning, so many conversations, so much anticipation! Are we there yet? Not quite, but we are well on our way … let’s link arms and make our dream an exciting reality!

Steve Carlson
Fellow member and Stewardship Chair