Women’s Intergenerational Breakfast and Beading

Earrings - beads

Saturday, December 9, 2017

9 a.m. to noon in Nathan Johnson Hall

Bring your friend, sister, daughter or granddaughter, mother or grandmother, aunt, niece, partner, or companion for a morning of Beading and Breakfast at our “Wintergenerational” Women’s Breakfast.

All who identify as female and are old enough to string a small bead are welcome. We ask $15 per person, payable at the door or when you register online, to support the cost of breakfast and materials. If you have needle nose pliers, bring them along. Questions? Contact: womenscouncil@uuchurch.org.

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  1. Carol flannigan says:

    We will also have a chance to talk to each other while beading..should be fun