Temporary Site Selection Team at the Ready!

Please meet the team that will be advising PSIT on options for a temporary home during our future restoration and renovation project: Patricia Chapman, Sallie Dacey, Ann Hirschi, Rev. Jon Luopa, and Byron Krystad. The Temporary Site Selection Team will define the requirements for a facility that will support Sunday worship, our religious education programming, and administration functions, plus hold the church’s belongings. With these requirements defined, the team will arrange visits to candidate facilities this summer and fall to identify how well those sites might meet our needs.

We will update the congregation at a September 17 “town hall” meeting and answer questions about the site selection process. You can also visit the Temporary Site Selection Team’s web page under “Our Future UUC Home” on uuchurch.org to learn about our progress. It will share the site requirements documents, our milestones and schedule, frequently asked questions, and a contact form.

The team understands that finding a site for an institution as substantial as UUC will be a challenge, and that no one site in Seattle will meet our needs the way the current facility does. The team will work closely with PSIT, ministers, staff, and lay leaders to ensure that the required features of the temporary facilities can accommodate a basic configuration of the programming the church enjoys today. The selected facilities for the transitional church year of 2018-19 will be different, for certain, but together, we will strive for a site that does not diminish our life as a vibrant congregation.

The Temporary Site Selection Team looks forward to serving the congregation in this important work.

~The Physical Space Implementation Team (PSIT)


Susan St. John

UUC Publications Coordinator