Letter from Jon, October 2017

Rev. Jon M. LuopaDear Members and Friends:

Many folks have been wondering where we will be next year once the building renovation and construction begins in July. Here is the latest word…

A Temporary Site Team was recruited several months ago to locate a temporary home for UUC. The members of that team include Byron Krystad, Sallie Dacey, Ann Hirschi, Patricia Chapman and myself. To date we have considered thirty possible sites including churches, community centers, schools, UW, and non profit agencies. We have narrowed the list to two, possibly three sites.

The criteria we have been using in making our choice include: capacity to house the whole Sunday morning program (worship, church school, fellowship hour and adequate parking), cost, access to public transportation, and location. We have considered sites all over the city but lean toward sites nearest to our current location. We will need to find temporary office space in addition to the Sunday program space. Hopefully they will be near each other and the office space have at least one small meeting space as well.

Some of the sites would require a good amount of set up and break down each week. We’d rather such labor be minimal. But as you now realize, many factors must be considered before the final choice is made and whatever that choice is will be less than perfect. This will continue to be an adventure next year when we are in Exodus!

Our Team looks at this experience in our temporary space as a chance to learn more about what really matters to our community, how really many of us are needed to help make it work, and how ready we will be to return to the Promised Land of our newly renovated building!

Stay tuned for the imminent announcement of our temporary home!

For the Team,
Rev. Jon M. Luopa