Building Renovation: Help Wanted

We need your talents! We need your ideas! We need your advice!

The Physical Space Implementation Team (PSIT) is forming advisory support teams to lead, assist and consult with us through the many important tasks ahead. Currently, we are seeking members for these teams:

  • Temporary Site Selection Team: This team of UUC members and staff will recommend at least three temporary sites that would be suitable for UUC operations during the construction of our new home. The team will assess programming space requirements and transition budget and prepare a formal recommendation.
  • Temporary Site Transition Team: This large team of UUC staff and members will help ensure a smooth transition to our temporary home during construction and back to our new home following its completion. The many tasks of this broadly defined team will require many volunteers.
  • Technical Advisory Team: Members of this advisory team have technical expertise to support PSIT with the evaluation and selection of systems and technology for the building infrastructure—for example, acoustics and sound proofing, heating and ventilation, networking and computing, audio-visual, security, solar energy, and gray water recovery.
  • Grant Writers: Please contact us if you have experience with writing grants. Specifically, there may be opportunities around sustainable energy.

We want to hear from you! If you have interest, expertise or ideas in areas not listed here, please reach out to members of the PSIT team in person, through our contact form at the bottom of our web page or through the UUC office (206 525-8400). Members of the PSIT team are Lee Anne Warner, Jon Luopa, Byron Krystad, Stacy Carlson, Carolyn Rasch and Jan Hood.

Susan St. John

UUC Publications Coordinator

2 Responses

  1. David Kendall says:

    I’d love to help out. My background is in graphic design and I have done a lot of work with signage, wayfinding, and environmental graphics, so if there’s a need there I can assist. I’d also love to help out in the site selection or site transition.

  2. Gene Canning says:

    I am interested in temporary site transition team membership. My area of experience had been in the logistics arena and I would also like to participate in the temporary site selection.