Building and Capital Campaign Update, March 2017


Not for Ourselves Alone…

With UUC’s vote to approve the building renovation and capital campaign behind us, we are moving forward! The May 21 service will include an update on both the building renovation plans and our fundraising progress. For now …

The Physical Space Implementation Team (PSIT) is focused on two main tasks during this phase:

  • With our architects at Hacker, we are developing the schematic design for the building project. It will answer questions like “Is this the best location for a meeting room?”,“What are the possibilities for siding?” and “Where will we store tables?” Hacker continues to be a great partner by challenging our assumptions, listening and responding to our input, and consulting with cost estimators, engineers and other specialists on UUC’s behalf. We aim to share the schematic design with you at the June 11 annual meeting.
  • Concurrently, we’ve begun the search for a contractor. We worked with the Member Architect Advisory Team and Hacker to identify respected, qualified construction companies and to define selection processes and criteria. The list of possible firms narrowed quickly due to our criteria, the construction window and the booming Seattle market. We have just begun interviews and feel confident we will find a great partner.

Meanwhile, 25 UUC members have joined the Capital Campaign Team (CCT) as visiting stewards and have begun engaging fellow congregants in conversations about the campaign and the meaning of the church in their lives. Our goal is 100% participation by our members and friends, and while it will take time for us to reach everyone, rest assured you will hear from us! We are pleased to report that in the first three months of this year, nearly $400,000 in new pledges to the capital campaign have been received!

Questions, feedback and ideas are always welcome! Contact PSIT through the comment form on the PSIT web page, by leaving a note next to our bulletin board or by catching one of us between services in Nathan Johnson Hall. You may also use a comment form on the CCT web page  or you can reach out directly to Scott or Katie Renschler, campaign co-chairs.

Susan St. John

UUC Publications Coordinator