2017 Candidates for BoT and LDC

The current Leadership Development Committee (LDC) is very pleased to announce the following slates of candidates for election to key leadership positions at UUC:

For Leadership Development Committee:

  • David Bauman
  • Steve Dombrowski
  • Doug Graesser

Each of these candidates is nominated for a 2-year term.

For Board of Trustees:

  • Rochelle Coffey
  • Rosemary Daszkiewicz
  • Michael Kasprzak
  • Rhonda Peterson

Rochelle Coffey, Rosemary Daszkiewicz, and Rhonda Peterson are nominated for 3-year terms. Michael KasprzakĀ is nominated for a 2-year term (completing the remaining years in Steve Ellzey’s term).

We are so grateful for the commitment to service that these individuals make as they stand for election. It is a gift to our beloved community today and well into the future.

Election for these positions will take place at the UUC Annual Meeting on Sunday June 11, 2017.

Candidate biographical information and photos will be available in an upcoming Gateway and E-News, as well as posted outside the chapel, in advance of the Annual Meeting.

Respectfully Submitted,
Sissy Peterman,
Chair of LDC 2016 – 2017

Note: UUC’s By-Laws allow for nomination by petition by 10 members in good-standing. Any such nomination would need to be sent to the Secretary of the Board no later than May 21, 2017.

Susan St. John

UUC Publications Coordinator