April 2016 PSIT Update

The UUC Physical Space Implementation Team (PSIT) has been working since January in partnership with our architects, Hacker, to prepare our proposed UUC Master Plan and the projected costs of completing Phase I. Our building master plan is a vision of how we can address space for current and future programming aligned with the strategic plan. The conceptual vision for the buildings and landscapes in the master plan are respectful of the land and full of natural light. Environmental responsibility and sustainability are at the forefront. There are many flexible, expandable and accessible features that will be welcoming to all. The master plan also illustrates how we will be respectful neighbors to those around us. It is a simple design that peacefully reflects our century-long legacy in the Pacific Northwest environment while remaining compatible with the existing sanctuary. The current price tag, including escalation, for Phase I of the master plan is in the range of $18-20 million.

In order to achieve our dream of a beautiful building that supports our congregation for our work in the world, we will be launching a capital campaign. The UUC Capital Campaign Planning Team (CCPT) with their consultants The Collins Group recently completed a study of our capital fundraising potential and presented the results at the Town Hall on May 22nd. Nearly 50% of congregation members responded to the survey. Based on those responses, CCPT predicts UUC being able to raise between $7.5-$15 million. The wide range indicates the need for further study of congregational capacity.

While both teams have been working to further refine and align both the cost estimates for Phase 1 and our fundraising potential, at this time there is obviously still a gap to be bridged. In addition, the recent congregational survey revealed that some of you still have questions. We want to allow more time to answer your questions, do further planning and allow new staff to come on board before moving forward with a vote. Therefore, in November we will ask the congregation to vote to approve the UUC Master Plan and a Capital Campaign to fund it.

Stay tuned for more opportunities to interact with both teams in the coming months. With some more work by all of us, we are optimistic that we can find a way to reach our dream of a new home.